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Sheena A. Melone

Goals for 2017

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Goals for 2017
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Puppies Play N Learn
Obedience,Rally O, Agility,
Barn Hunt, Conformation,
SDDA Scent Detection AKA Nosework

Goals for this coming year  - 2017
  • Sookie, a work in progress, one more point for her American title
  • Nosework with Noelle
  • Barn Hunt with Cherish
  • Rally Novice with Sookie
  • Agility with Sookie
What kind of goals do 'all my rowdy friends' have?'
In my crystal ball, I see more top 5 rankings, titles in conformation and Rally Obedience, Barn Hunt and SDDA Scent Detection.

Noelle has accomplished:

  1. Canadian Champion
  2. Group Placement
  3. RN - Rally Novice
  4. RA - Rally Advanced 
  5. RE - Rally Excellent
  6. NAC - Novice Agility Certificate
  7. O-NAC  Outstanding Novice Agility Certificate
  8. TG-N     Novice Touch N Go 
  9. O-TG-N  Outstanding Novice Touch N Go
  10. HP-N
  11. TN-N
  12. O-TN-N

Nosey Pawtners -

Register for Classes in Puppies Play N Learn, Obedience, Conformation, Agility, RallyO, SDDA Scent Detection AKA Nosework, City Barn Hunt