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Sheena A. Melone

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Some of the most titled minpins in Canada and North America come from Littlefeat


  1. Multi Group Placing, Group Winning Can Am Ch. Devileen's Chrysarobin Can C.D. SOMX
  2. Can Ch. Sagehill Frostfire
  3. Can Ch. Devileen's Esidrix
  4. Can Ch. Littlefeat's Asterikos
  5. Group Placing Can Ch. Littlefeat's Astral Feat
  6. Group Winning Can Ch. LilDevils Desiree of Devileen
  7. Can Ch. Littlefeat's National Treasure
  8. Can Ch. Littlefeat's Naughty By Nature
  9. Can Ch. Anchara's Cinderella Littlefeat C.D.
  10. Group Placing Am Can Ch. Islands Olivia
  11. Group Placing BOSS BPIG Can Ch. Littlefeat's Jackie Jackpot
  12. Can Ch. Littlefeat Hits The Jackpot C.D.
  13. Can Ch. LilDevils Windfall Littlefeat
  14. Group Placing Can Ch. Littlefeat's Joyeux Noel RN RA RE NAC O-NAC
  15. Can Ch. Littlefeat's Reh-Noir
  16. Can Ch. Littlefeat's Counter Intelligence
  17. MHIT Littlefeat's To Boldly Go                     
  18. BIS Can/Am Ch. Littlefeat Raises A Little 'L'
  19. Can Ch. Littlefeat's Joie de Vivre
  20. Group Winning Can Ch. Littlefeat's The Next Generation
  21. BPIS Can Ch. Littlefeat's In XS
  22. Littlefeat Idol Eyes  FD FDX
  23. Group Placing Soritas Alwyn For Littlefeat
  24. Bonds Impact On Littlefeat
  25. Group Placing BPIG Littlefeat's Bittersweet
  26. AOM Am Ch. Copperspurs Second Born
  27. BPIS Copperspurs Journey To Littlefeat
  28. Can Ch. Copperspurs Black Magic Woman

Nosey Pawtners -

Register for Classes in Puppies Play N Learn, Obedience, Conformation, Agility, RallyO, SDDA Scent Detection AKA Nosework, City Barn Hunt